Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why rains in India make so much noise....... The first in a series.........

Rains... the topic of countless nursery rhymes, poetry and the mainstay of most Hindi movie songs, chases or key events! Rains are also associated with a certain melancholy or a mood of reflectiveness. Perhaps on account of the clouds that obscure the resplendent sun from view. A silent arrival of raindrops, with just the occasional sound emanating from the brush of water against grass or tree leaves - accompanied by the clap of thunder - is what many hold as a mental picture of rain.

In India, however, rains imply a lot of things. Associated with all things positive, rains signify prosperity, greenery, agricultural bounty, a relief from the scorching tropical sun, the smell of fresh wet mud, puddles to slosh around in, and most importantly - rains imply the official beginning of a slew of festivals! Yes, after a rather plain first half of the year spent battling cold and heat, people welcome the rains with a long list of successive festivals. Devotion and religious consciousness runs high. Take it as a thanksgiving for all the blessings and prosperity that has been showered, or else as a sweet supplication to the almighty for all thing nice and beautiful.

Anyone who has interacted with Indians would know that we are a rather loud population! We believe in living life and making it large! When we are happy, we let the world know that, and how! And in a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, the celebration and its associated enthusiasm reaches feverish levels. The commerical capital of India, the most affluent city of India, home to over a million multi-religious Indians - the variety is humongous. The celebration - even more variegated. Living in Mumbai during this festive season instills a different type of vibrancy in 'Mumbaikars'. The atmosphere is charged, drumbeats resound everywhere. Firecrackers, bands, drums, dancing, singing, yelling - you name it, you see it in India at this time!

Beginning with Janmashtami and culminating in the New Year - this series will talk about the vibrancy and vivacity of festivals in India through the eyes of an Indian. And we'll take a look into - 'Why the rains in India make so much noise!!!!!!'

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