Friday, January 16, 2009

It's always relative!

A friend of mine who belongs to Chennai was going to Delhi for a meeting this week. From the grimy ever hot climate of Chennai, he was going to single digit winter temperatures in Delhi. He 'Facebooked' "Petrified of going to Delhi. Its too damn cold." I saw the snippet, and smirked to myself. Here I am, at -23, enjoying the weather. The cutest part is, no one's on the streets, and there is a scary lull. The branches are still, the sun is bright, almost blinding, and the minute you open the door for the paper, it hits you in the face. Go out and stand, for more than 3 minutes, your nose freezes, tears come out, and your hands get numb. In spite of a fleece, a parka and leather gloves. The cold creeps in.

I came into the house, and over a cup of piping hot tea, turned on my computer. A caption on Yahoo, says - the 5 Coolest Places in the World. Juxtaposition, Ding indeed!!!

After reading this, I said " I craved for shoes, till I saw a man with no feet". I then sent this article with this caption to my Chennai friend, in a mail that said, 'It's always relative'. He then, boldly decided to go to Delhi with no woolen clothes!

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Nitin said...

poor fella. Delhi is cold!!! I slept on 1 blanket and covered myself with 2. I even started exercing to keep myself warm :P (now that is the defination of extreme for me!!!). But all that changed when I landed up in Minneapolis in the thick of winter. -27C.

Bottom line: ur friends gonna be gunning fr you very soon :-)!!!