Sunday, February 15, 2009

SOS - Jai Hanuman

Obama's cabinet is struggling with the worst economy ever. Predictions say that we haven't hit rock bottom yet. And at such a time, comes news of tax evasions and ideological differences in his cabinet. People start wondering whether Obama will truly deliver and some cynics even say that the dream period is over! And Obama comes on air and says - "I screwed up." Wow! Lochas notwithstanding, my respect for this guy actually went up a notch. He took on the mantle of President, fully aware of the circumstances and built a strong team to advise him on how to proceed. And when issues from the Rod Blagojevich scandal through Tim Geithner and now Judd Gregg, his Commerce secretary who wishes to withdraw his nomination citing ideological differences, cropped up, he has the guts to say he made a mistake, when his predecessor, in his farewell speech claimed that his presidency actually was great and brought about so many good things!!!! Yeah! Right!!! But people and the media were quick to blast this claim!

What I like here , is the fact that Obama considers himself responsible and accountable to the office he has been elected to. Although not much can be claimed about Dubyaman, to a great extent, democracy in the United States is strong. How representative, or how equal, is something only the Americans who live a daily life there would know. But to an outsider, watching the media, it looks pretty rosy and powerful indeed.

India, though is lauded for its belief in democracy. But look. It's election year, and everyone is out poaching, scoring brownie points at the expense of the common man. Convicts and criminals are given tickets to fight elections. Seats are bartered between parties for power. Even election commissioners are said to be partisan. A sudden moral police with primitive ideas goes rampant with its own personal agenda, and tongues wag about which political party the said moral brigade bears allegiance to. I just wonder, are WE truly being represented there? I mean, are we murderers, rapists, corrupt, chauvinists?

We invite terrorists with open arms, on account of the gross miscarriage of our intelligence and security infrastructure. Our neighbors claim to have been eroded by the Taliban. Our own policy makers are too busy haggling with each other to make it to the corridors of power. At such a time, who does the common man turn to? Hanuman.... Like how Mumbai did today - Chant Mumbai for a Shant Mumbai. Hanuman Chaleesa chanting by common men, to invoke the Lord's protection. Since finally only He can DELIVER US FROM EVIL.... AMEN..................

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Nitin said...

ok I am a little lost... would I be right if I assume this post could be in referrence to the poster I saw on the Borivali local about chanting Hanuman Chaleesa 101 times???