Friday, March 27, 2009

Rules, rules and more rules....

Rules, rules and more rules. Of late, rules have been more in the news than news itself! Weird indeed. Take for instance F1. There was so much baatcheet on the change of rules and a lot of debate as well. Debate with the ones who have been benefited by the old rules arguing against the old rules and the ones likely to be benefited by the new rules siding with the change. Hamilton of course hates the change, simply because he won last year's championship with fewer victories than Massa. Well, you could say that he won by simply being there, than actually competing to get to the top. More like, the kid in school who gets marks for attendance. Ok! So I am not a huge fan of Mr Hamilton. But when Schumi was going about winning races left right and center, people cribbed that the sport was too boring. And at the last minute, in 2005, the qualifying rules were changed to the single lap thingy. But that time, no one cribbed, since this was making the sport more fun! Indeed! So, now some more zing is being added to F1, with the change in rules. Clearly the fight for points makes people cling to a strategy whereby winning the race really doesn't count. And that makes watching kinda boring.

Then Tim Geithner says we need more rules in the American economy. Obama says we need more rules to control Wall Street. And the FASB, the accounting body creates more rules that make it possible for net income to not really be ... net income. As if the current accounting standards are too less to allow sufficient fraud.

So rules and rules. Expected anyway! Everyone is jobless, at least lawmakers need some kaam dhanda right?

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