Saturday, January 16, 2010

10 more random thoughts

  1. What hurts more? Having what you don't want or not having what you really want?
  2. What hurts more? Not getting what you want or not getting what you think you want?
  3. Why do things inconsequential in the distant future have severe repercussions on near future events?
  4. Why is the greater part of humankind frightfully optimistic?
  5. Everything is ephemeral, just the cycles of highs and lows are constant.
  6. Some people never give up on you despite your giving up on yourself.
  7. People are different, but their differentiating factors are all the same.
  8. Risk and reward are positively correlated. But where stakes are high, effort and reward are almost always negatively correlated.
  9. Your core skill almost always is of consequence only in the long run, with zero short term benefits.
  10. Clairvoyance could be such a stress reliever!!

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