Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Darwin in today's world

'Survival of the fittest' screamed Darwin in the 1800s while explaining his theory of natural selection in the process of evolution. Not many believed him and he was accused of heresy, by none other than the Church, which for all purposes lies at the peak of civilization and knowledge. Or so it was believed. What Huxley, Darwin's earliest and strongest supporter should perhaps have told him is, "Don't you worry, Charlie old boy! When the world enters 2010 and beyond, they will learn to believe!"

Now, welfare states are those exalted nations that have amassed enough wealth, so as to be able to provide for the basic needs and more, for their people. So, if they're poor but American or French or Italian or Spanish or plain developed nation citizen, they'll still eat, get healthcare, pocket money courtesy dole, etc etc. In other words, even if one is unfit, one survives and how! In a way better than an average working lower middle class Indian! In other words, someone, in this case the government covers up for all faults and incompetencies of its citizens. Now what happens if a greater part of the nation goes 'poor'? The coffers don't have enough! And all hell breaks loose, as on London roads today or Athenian roads a year ago!

Immigration, which perhaps is the reason why Canada, UK and to a large extent the US has thrived so long while Japan decayed, is called into question and threatened. For suddenly, someone fitter and more motivated is willing to work more and hard and get maybe 70% of a citizen's worth,which in itself is perhaps a three fold growth for him compared to his status in his native country! Gaps between the haves and have-nots grow. Tensions ensue. Cities burn, minor issues become burning issues. Frustrated people with no means, looking at a fast depleting national coffer, take to the streets. As is the case on London streets today.

We've seen it all at the Bastille, but we somehow believe that world citizens have evolved over time and so we condone the signs! The same we, who did not believe in evolution and survival of the fittest in the first place. Maybe it is high time we sat up and took notice or we shouldn't complain if we face the guillotine.

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