Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What I saw Wednesday : A muddled world

Mid terms are coming up and hence the lull on the lilac avenue. Which brings me to what I wanted to say today. Well, what I saw today is not really what I saw. Well, not really. (Please be prepared for a little rambling, since you must understand that exams can do weird things to normal people!) So, I haven't been able to get myself to put in my thoughts in here for the past few days, under the pretext of exams and assignments and what not. I keep telling myself that I need to be able to find time for things I like to do. But, somehow, time plays hide-n-seek with me all the time. Or so I feel.

This place has way too much to offer. Throw in an industrious bunch of 570 people, and the enthusiasm levels, not to mention the raw energy is sky high. Everyone is doing a million things. Somehow they manage to juggle class, assignments, club meets, club work, attend talks by guests on campus, plan ventures, play sports, spend time with family, contribute to society and goodness knows what else. Everyone seems to be doing everything, (well, everyone doesn't do everything, but sum up the someone is doing something and you have an everyone is doing everything scenario). Although each person's tasks need not be mutually exclusive, their sum total of the activities is collectively exhaustive.... I told you to be prepared for random rambling

So, anyway looking at the whole gamut of activities, I wish to do it all myself! And then the constraints kick in. 24 hours, sleep is essential, class work does not diminish, temptations towards peripheral activities increase. And more often than not, prioritization kicks in. And in the altar of sacrifice, fun is offered as an oblation! At least used to be, till a friend once remarked - 'overwork will keep happening, but that does not mean that you should let go of that which you like to do.' I then realized, that the options I have here are just a tip off the iceberg of options and choices life would throw in front of me, going forward. It's up to me to figure out and balance everything. And whether I learn about Porter's 5 forces or about NPV and IRR, I guess one thing I would need to learn here is prioritization, balancing and activity management. But now I have to get back to EBITDA or else my NPV would end up being negative!

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Chandni said...

CFIN is depressing everyone i know....it's an epidemic....