Thursday, July 30, 2009

A method to the madness - reloaded...

Long long ago, fresh out of a 'think clearly' - corporate team building exercise, I had decided to bring in some method to the madness on my blog. I had then decided to structure my blog in the following way.

Moody Mondays
Trends on Tuesday
What I saw on Wednesday
Thoughtful Thursday
Festive Friday
Sporty Saturday
Something Sunday

Here is what I wrote back then.

I diligently followed the approach for a while. But insanity never leaves once it gets to you. And so, all it took was a global economic meltdown and all structure went for a toss, just like structured products and securitization went I know not where! Now, 10 months later, at 3.30 am on a fairly cool, calm, relaxed weekend, I make another decision.

Again, I want to bring in some structure to what I write, so that I can be consistent in what I write and I can never be at a loss to decide what to write! So, my new structure, given my current way of life is as follows.

Mumbai on Monday - Anything and everything about Maximum City
Trends on Tuesday - Will include current events, some trends I observe and so on
What I saw Wednesday - Will include my time at ISB as well
Thoughtful Thursday - My take on anything
Funda on Friday - I need to make use of some of my learning at school. So some gyaan on what I learn comes up on Friday
I cannot commit to sport on Saturday, since my schedule has left me with precious time for sport! Sigh!! So, Saturday and Sunday are for surprises :)

That said, Worklectica - my workplace blog - gets updated every week, Thursday. So watch out for that space too. This week, the focus there is on work and ethics.

In addition to all this, if there happens to be some event that I havvvvvvvvvve to speak about, I will put in a mention irrespective of the day, but over and above the day's stuff. Again, fingers crossed. Hope I can pull this off and maintain it as well....

So, till tomorrow's funde on Friday... adios...

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