Friday, October 10, 2008

A method to the madness

I just got back from a corporate team building/ training exercise, and as is the practice in almost all such exercises, there was a piece on stress management. This multi faceted corporate trainer, after a few gentle pastel colored slides, told us to practise deep breathing, while becoming 'aware' of the sound of air entering and exiting the body. He then told us to just be aware of the continuous thoughts, while not actively following any of the thoughts, as though treating the thought as a bird that comes to perch on the tree called us. Soon after, he asked us how many of us were able to concentrate on the sound of breath. Someone from the team confessed that her mind had a muddle of thoughts - unrelated, but still vying for the attention of the mind.

Today, as I sat with my evening coffee, I felt as though my thoughts which I wanted to 'blogify' were more or less along the same lines. A murky muddle of unrelated ideas, all vying for that place on the lilac avenue. Up until now, I have just picked the idea that could result in a rather verbose post. But then, at times, I find a trigger enough to just pen 3 lines. And there are weeks and months where I have no idea at all. It's like I am lost in a maze called the lilac avenue.

So I felt - 'Why not make a map'. So what I want to try is this. Think along certain lines, by which I could post on....

Moody Mondays
Trends on Tuesday
What I saw on Wednesday
Thoughtful Thursday
Festive Friday
Sporty Saturday
Something Sunday

It's a thought.... Let's see if I can do something like this...........................

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