Monday, October 13, 2008

Moody Monday : Beating the blues

Bangles didn't sing 'It's another manic Monday' for no reason. Psychlogists have shown in more ways than one that there are some specific psychochemical changes that happen in the brain on a Monday morning, that make people want to get all glum and sad. When the gurus of the field say that chemical lochas in the brain are responsible for the downcast, depressed mood on Monday mornings, who am I to refute that? But two things that I can do are perhaps describe in great detail the terrible depression that engulfs me each Monday morning, and keeps me gloomy all the way till Friday, or I can tell you why this Monday was a bit different. For those who want to know, read on. For those who don't, well you came here, so you gotta read on!! smiles...

How many of us enjoy reading. My hunch is, that the fact that we actually spend so much time writing and reading each other's cogitations, shows that we do, no matter in how small a measure, love to read. So when was the last time you got that flutter, that preoccupation with a book. A thrill as you rode the car of the protagonist as he wove through the lanes of Paris to avoid his killers? When was the last time you were so lost in thoughts that you didn't hear someone call out your name? Just because you were wondering what Rebecca/ Jason / Robert would do next? Well, for me, this Monday was not so melancholy, because I had something to look forward to. In a way, I wanted to get the mundane day out of the way, so that I could get back to my book.

At present I am reading 'Pursuit of justice' by Mimi Latt. I have to thank my library guy who suggested this book to me. You see, I have always been caught up in the rut of the 'oh-so-famous authors', that I failed to notice masterpieces by people who don't really churn out a book a year! This book - and I promise a book review soon - is about this lawyer lady whose lawyer husband disappears off a boat. His death is ruled as a suicide and he is accused of misappropriation of a whole lot of money from the firm where he was a partner. Everyone buys the story, but the wife is resolute that the death was a murder and that the motives are sinister. As she moves through the maze, realizing that every dependable friend is indeed an enemy, she is up against a formidable foe in a fight to find the truth. No, I did not copy the summary on the back of the book. But yes, this book has been the cure for my Monday morning depression.

I'll close this post here, since I really need to get back to the book......

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