Friday, October 31, 2008

A tiny thought to ponder

Why do we love meeting long lost relatives?
Why do we love school reunions more than going for dinner with current office mates?
Why do we love looking at older pictures?
Why do we love telling stories about what we did as kids?
Well, perhaps, back then relatives actually discussed life, without worrying about what anyone would think. Maybe relatives had that faith and belief that perhaps someone would care.
Perhaps back in school, we never worried about who would become CEO of the cupboard monitors union, or who would have the maximum money to splurge, or who would be successful in life in comparison to others.
There is an old saying that goes that as you move on in life, lengthwise and heightwise, it gets lonely. People either fall away, out of step, or fade away, or run off far ahead of you. But the relationships you build early on in life before jealousy, greed and a secretive nature creep in are the ones that last for life. But do they really? I don't know. In many cases, old friends who've been together for 10-12 years, suddenly get caught up in life, or get too busy to waste precious time on frivolous old friends. What's there to talk anyway? Nostalgia and nothing else. In some other cases, even old friends drift apart since their paths in life are no longer aligned - on account of the field or on account of the degree of achievement. Is there anything one can do to preserve the sanctity of friendship from the daggers of life?
I don't know, but it is just a failure of humanity over the years. I have seen my grandfather's friends, staying in touch for over 60 years! And these days, it is difficult to maintain a 'no expectations' friendship for even 6 years. Disgusting? Yes. But I guess I need to reconcile to it as a fallacy of my times!!!!

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