Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mortal Combat - Annihilation!!!!

Who said the final annihilation is ages away? As politicians are tremendously busy playing sectarian politics and law enforcement is busy deciding what to do, the young blood out there is busy playing tit-for-tat. Putting aside any chance of trying to do something constructive (besides sanctioning projects for digging holes on all major roads, making any road commuter's life hell, while not showing any decent progress or result for those digging activities) everyone is busy riding the regionalism wave. Bravo! UP kill Marathi, Marathi kill UP. Awesome!!! At the end of the annihilation, everyone would end wiped out! And then, in the bevy of corpses, one really wouldn't be able to know who started it all. But then again, at that time, it really wouldn't matter....

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