Sunday, October 12, 2008

Change in plans - Sporty Sunday : Whose race was it anyway?

All F1 races happen on a Sunday. Grand Slam finals happen on a Sunday. Major cricket tournament finals happen on a Sunday. Of what use is writing about an event a week after it happens? Therefore, something on Saturday and Sporty Sunday! That said, I guess today's F1 race at Japan at the Fuji race track was a key 'management lesson'. In a way, our F1 superstars turned management gurus today. How? You ask? Read on

Lesson 1 : If life gives you an opportunity, capitalize on it. Don't squander it away on account of an unrestrained ebullience! If you are on pole, do as Schumi did. drive and drive like a man possessed. Build a 20 second gap, and leap on to the top step. Why lose out and then fight back and lose out even more?

Lesson 2 : And this is a story my grandma told me ages ago. This is a story that Indian history has taught us in a rather boring way through text books. And this lesson is, that while 2 contenders fight for all wrong reasons, a third shrewd contender very conveniently walks away with the spoils. So while Massa and Hamilton were busy giving each other drive through penalties, Alonso walked off with the victory, depriving both of them of the much-needed points that could have bolstered their title prospects.

Grandma said - 2 cats went a-fighting over a piece of food. A monkey intercepted and offered to settle the dispute. Tearing the piece into unequal halves, and then using scales, to equalize the two, the monkey attempted to settle the dispute. Each time one pan tilted more, the monkey bit off a piece off food as though trying to equalize the food portions. The result - either cat got nothing, monkey got everything.

Indian history - petty kings were busy fighting one another on meaningless issues. The British invaded, colonized and ruled for a good 150 years.

Who said sport is a means of entertainment? Sport teaches life's lessons - first hand. If our ancient Indian kings had seen this F1 race, we would perhaps never have been colonized! What say?


salax said...

If our ancient kings had seen F1 cars, after the initial bone shattering jaw-drop (think cartoonized), they would want to be either IN them, or a 1000 miles away from them.
The cotton handlooms would get exasperated buffering the chicane apexes for a smoother ride.

salax said...

Oh, but I forgot to add: the engineers would most likely be British, so the answers' 'no'.