Thursday, September 24, 2009

One line thought provokers

I don't certify that these are profound existential questions. But these are some random thoughts that keep crossing my mind, every time I get reflective.
  1. Why does the mind pursue unrelentlessly an object it cannot have?
  2. Why do some people act with animosity towards others, and on purpose cold-shoulder them, but refuse to give reasons about why they act the way they do?
  3. Why does one still wonder about such people who bear a grudge they refuse to explain?
  4. Why is it so difficult to sever ties with people who you once cared about, but who don't care about you any more?
  5. Why is work : reward never = 1:1?
  6. Why does hope spring eternal?
  7. Why does every low urge one to think that the high is just around the corner, when in reality there is no light at the end of any tunnel?
  8. Why is Sub Saharan Africa, the way it is? Isn't the bottom most point of this region called the Cape of Good Hope?
  9. Why do I never learn, in spite of multiple lacerations?
  10. Why do I always draw a blank, whenever I am in dire need of something to think about?

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