Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday : Amor es un perro pero amistad es una cisne

Nope this post is not a review of the cult classic Mexican movie. We have a weekend. AP is closed down on account of the demise of the CM. This is the first week of the term. Life is a tad cool. So what happens when you have some time on hand, after having been used to a life of running around like a chicken with its head cut off? (sorry for the stark comparison, but that was by and far the most befitting metaphor!) Well, what happens is you get all thoughtful and you reflect over a highly pleasurable evening spent with a few close friends. And I, for one like to think, co-relate, find R-squared values - told you I had a 'free' weekend right? Add to that Thoughts on Thursday, and that is where I start.

A few months ago, a friend of mine showed me a poem she'd written on the meaning of love after being inspired by a certain Hindi movie. She had then implied that in the current day, love is all about lust. 'Lusts of the flesh' - quoting Phoebe Buffet of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And yesterday, after some friendly nonsensical talk, someone had a brainwave of talking profoundly deep stuff like what love means to them. Some were all about loving and being loved back. Some were about fun. Some were about mystique and intrigue. Elsewhere, perhaps when I was younger, I have heard the typical rom-com interpretations as well. One of roses and gifts, unconditional love, 'You complete me', and such other typical romantic comedy quotes. Ah! Romantic Comedies! The kind where a guy bids $900 for a $20 scarf, because his affection for his estranged girl had begun with 'the green scarf'. The kind where a down and out, yet outspoken woman is told by a guy that he likes her just the way she is! I have seen a whole host of real life stories though, where people enter a relationship expecting a similar story, and get hurt when reality is actually poles apart!

It was after hearing several unique perspectives, that I decided that love is like an elephant and each person is like one of the 6 blind men of Hindustan. Some perceive the trunk, some the tail, but each has her own interpretation and meaning of love. At the end of it all, though one wonders whether it is really worth the time and effort trying out the options put forth by love, if endings can be somewhat like the endings in the movie Amores Perros - where all 3 protagonists are willing to sacrifice the comfort of the status quo in favor of the mysterious love that they look for, only to be grossly let down at the end. Aha! I did tie in the title to the post!!!

But one thing I firmly believe is that no matter what love may mean to different people, at the end of the day, friendship most certainly is one of the most beautiful things ever. Look at it. A bunch of people who had no relationship whatsoever, somehow hit it off, find common (or maybe grossly divergent) grounds, hang out together, pull each others' leg, forget about time, talk anything and everything (you perhaps don't even remember a meaningful snippet of your talk, but end up having a great time nonetheless) and basically end up with a memory for life.

And so I say - Amor es un perro pero amistad es una cisne - Love is a dog but friendship is a swan!

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