Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My 7 Whys

There is a consulting funda of problem solving called 5-whys. Apparently by the time you ask the fifth why you are at the root cause of a problem. But I have gone a step further in asking my 7 whys! And I know that if I get an answer to at least one why, I will be a lot less wired!!! Seems to be the case with me all the time! Like I've said before, week of exams and submissions, please expect the random rambling post and here it is. So, I wonder
  1. Why I always have a dozen things to do and realize that the time I have would just accommodate two tasks?
  2. Why is it that I always chance upon a real good article just when I have course work reading running into volumes?
  3. Why am I always swamped with work, such that I feel that I am not doing justice to everything?
  4. I am here for this one year, to learn, but why do I feel like something is missing?
  5. Why do I have so many things happening at once and why do I always need to apply trade off theory?
  6. Why do I feel like reading, writing, studying, walking, playing and goodness knows what else, all at once?
  7. Why do I always apportion an hour to a task that ends up taking a whole day?

All this while I have been hunting for answers, but so far I've found none. So my quest continues!!!

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