Sunday, March 28, 2010

Australian GP 2010 - disappointed

Unlike the happy tone of the post following Bahrain, this one is actually disappointed. I just have a whole bunch of unexplained thoughts.
  • Is age actually catching up with Michael?
  • If Nico could finish fifth with a Mercedes, why couldn't Michael? Plus Brawn won last year's championship. It can't be that the other cars fitted themselves with Getafix's magic potion, which Merc doesn't have!
  • Fine so Nico qualified higher, but MSC was seventh. The least he could do was maintain it.
  • It is not a big deal to just scrape into the points, since the only competition back there was from rookies.
  • At the end of the first race, the verdict was that there was work to be done, but by the third or fourth race things would begin to get competitive. Really?
  • What is with Red Bull? They qualify like a dream, but what's the point if the car blows a race when it really matters? Reminds me of the Renaults of 2006 - excellent starters, pathetic finishers.
  • Why am I so disappointed? Cos I am not used to a Michael who is not strong in a race. I cannot digest the fact that the camera of Star Sports seldom ever focuses on MSC, since he is too busy being a back marker.
  • I want the old MSC and his charm to come back on track.


Anonymous said...

if you notice MSCs front wing was bludgeoned off in the 1st lap which forced him to put for new wings & led to him being dead last by lap 2...

Sindhu Subramaniam said...

I do know that, and I have seen worse with MSC and he has come back, like in the case of Canada 2004, where he proved he was indeed the king of the rain! Just wish he'd go back to his winning ways against all odds...