Thursday, April 29, 2010


This past one week has been super eventful indeed! From meeting old friends, to massive cleaning sprees, to some ferocious writing much to the chagrin of people at home, since most of the time I am lost in a corner either thinking, or furiously typing. When asked what I am up to, all I say is that I am trying to prove that I am a self-proclaimed writer. For that is what I am. I know I like to write. A few people around me, who're forced to read what I write declare that I am a writer. But the one thing that was missing, was the hunt for some mild approval from someone I don't know. Just as every painter wants a stranger to comment on her work or every singer wants to perform in front of an audience of strangers, I knew I wanted someone on the outside to tell me whether my hours of poring in front of a screen or the days spent looking at an open space from my terrace with vivid images playing inside my head are of any use at all.

And so, I decided to put some of my work out to someone ready to publish. And as luck would have it, my work has found a voice somewhere. It may not be as big a deal as having something published on the edit page of the ToI. It certainly doesn't compare to the heady feeling of having your book published. But for me, it is a start. And a way for me to hold on to a hope that I can write ok enough for someone other than me and the paper recycle guy to want to read it!

So, this week's toils have led to some fruit. The widget on the right will continue to hold links to my work as and when it gets published. So cheers to a small beginning and to a long way ahead...

Terrorism - A regional monster as well : International terrorism is a real problem. But every country has its own forms of regional terror which are in no way a smaller menace. A fast-growing country like India has its own internal issues related to all-inclusive growth. Here is a viewpoint. - Article 1

The Indian Premier League - A sporting extravaganza or something else : From a superior sporting enterprise to its getting mired in controversy, a trace of the IPL so far. Article 2. a version of this also found its place at ezine!

And now, a topic close to my heart is article 3. All to do with driving in Maximum city Mumbai. Article 3.

Article 4 again deals with something I truly love. Enya, Yanni, Chopin and music. Here is article 4.

But while all this looks really good and feels amazing, I wonder whether all this is too good to be true???!!??? Or am I reading too much into something that perhaps isn't too much. But you know what? Big deal or small deal, it is a better deal than nothing at all. So happy reading and cheers to.. well, everything!!

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