Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sociopaths on the loose - Maoist Massacre - II

Flanked by China. Chinese goods in our markets. China snooping on our secrets. And now Chinese doctrines causing severe loss of human life in India. Can it get any worse? Except for colonization, I guess we are being sufficiently Chinisized!!

So, yesterday, another lot of CRPF Jawans lost their lives to Maoist rebels at Dantewada in Chhatisgarh. Sitting miles away, I have the benefit of an outsider's view and I see the gross frivolity in it all. How will killing CRPF Jawans bring Maoists freedom, growth or whatever end they want. The whole problem, I agree lies in non-uniform and non-inclusive growth. The basis of the whole idea of Maoism in India - an armed conflict against the landed class was an uprising against inequality between land-owners and landless laborers. Reforms have come through, but one must realize that the process of ensuring all-inclusive growth is a slow one. It will take time and there are several impediments along the way. We are a democracy and consensus takes a lot of time. Now, all central governments do not achieve their mandate in entirety. But does that mean that all of us should procure illegal arms and go on a killing spree in the nearest police station???? No matter how noble the ends may be, the means used by these cowards in no way justify those ends.

Who is answerable to the families of those jawans? Could those jawans have gotten those Maoists their 'freedom', 'or whatever nonsensical need' they had? And by killing them, are they any closer to their goal? Take a piece of bamboo and try bending it. It may deflect a bit. Keep putting pressure on it and it will break into two. Neither would it help you, nor would it help itself. Beyond a point, reliance on force will cause the opponent to become stiff and safeguard his own ego and refuse to give in. And who is accountable for the lives lost in the crossfire? Generations have been wiped out in clashes in Sudan, or in the war between the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda, and closer home, between the government and the LTTE! Did any of these warring factions achieve their end? No. Did any of them take responsibility for the lost lives? No. Did anyone see the frivolity of these mindless clashes? NO!

I ask, if I can see the frivolity in this violence, why can't the perpetrators themselves see the same? And then again, maybe those perpetrators lack the IQ and the EQ. Why are our defence forces always underprepped? Take Mumbai police in 26/11. Take CRPF v/s Maoists. We know we're dealing with psychopaths, sociopaths, people who belong to an asylum. Then why on earth do we send 'sons of our soil' on suicide missions? Why do we keep repeating our 1857 uprising, where we fought gun-wielding British with swords, bows and arrows?

Every time I hear about Maoist extremism, I develop a sense of disgust. Fine, so you lack economic progress. Killing innocent people suddenly catapults you into higher echelons of society? Blind killing of civilians results in economic progress? Ambushing and killing security personnel results in growth? And worse, this nonsense is happening in the land of Mahatma Gandhi. With enemies like these within the country, who wants external terrorists????

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