Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Ramblings

Momentous day indeed. Marked the end of my first test here. And man, I subscribe to the view that people and attitudes change as a function of time and place. When I say that, I mean that people are rather adaptable to situations and move accordingly. Darwin's theory proves itself time and again, by culling out all those who are much too resistant to change. Sounds harsh? Perhaps yes, but more often than not, the culling procedure is pre-empted, since before the axe can act, people change themselves, effectively meandering along the contours of the situation in question.

Sounds too verbose? I guess so. So, let me get to the point. One thing I have seen during my rather tiny time here is the fact that when the situation demands, we can throw in 4-5 days of work with just 5 hours sleep across! And when the situation demands, we can push ourselves to the hilt, without losing control on tempers and moods. Take for instance the ultra tight group assignment. The job needed to be done, and we bloody well did it! 3 days of no sleep, a cappuccino at 3 am, lines and lines of verbose zilch in an exotic dialect, but it got done! And then when it was all over, the 'letting my hair down' was equally if not more intense. We have a day and a half? So be it. Grab a shuttle, head downtown, dine at a new exotic place, go movie hunting, don't find anything worthwhile, head back and hit the parties going on all over the place. Stay till your knees creak and squeal pleading you to please stop. And even then it doesn't end. The heady feeling after stress and tension vaporizes is a feeling that has to be consumed drop by drop. Every minute is a gallon of ambrosia, not to be squandered.

But then, beyond a point, the brain shuts off and you end up writing absolute nonsensical gibberish like what has been written above. Sign - GO TO SLEEP. So off I go to meet with my dreams, before I lose forever the attention of all those really sweet people who take time to come and read my random ramblings......

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