Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Disillusion

The blood stains have all been wiped away. The fires have been doused, only charred walls remain to remind us of the hurt, pain and agony we've suffered. The dead have reached peace but those left behind will need to hunt for peace for the rest of their lives. Politicians have provided terribly disgusting sound bites here and there, and the already disillusioned people are flabbergasted. Hitherto unknown celebrities want to 'burst into tears' and express their sorrow at the tragedy as long as a pouty picture of theirs will be published alongside. So called 'daredevil journalists' went ahead jeopardizing their lives and the rescue missions in an attempt to be a part of the action. Morbid indeed! In brazen acts of conscience-deprived politics, people are still fighting against the opposite political party, since polls are around the corner. And the poor common man on the street is feeling as scared, as insecure, as possible. Suddenly something akin to the 'Dark Ages' seems to have descended on us. We have no faith in the security system, no belief that the government will do something beyond political rhetoric, full belief that the terror attacks are a reality and can strike any time.

A terrorist is someone who is absolutely not amenable to thought, conscience or reason. He has no remorse or regret towards the mass murder he brings upon civilization. There is no use trying to reform such maniacs. The only way out is to prevent the mushrooming of such sociopaths. But you can be caught unawares once, twice maybe. But almost 20 times, in different parts of the country over the last 15 years? One must realize that before claiming that India is the next economic superpower, or a powerhouse of economic growth that would set the direction of world economy in the years to come, one must remember that no matter what the economic potential, no one invests in a war zone. What prosperity can you grant to a non-existent population? And what use is a government that can't protect its own population? Bashing the West and its stifling security policies is a favorite pastime in this part of the world. But at least post 9/11 touch wood, there have been no terror attacks there! In spite of scratching the wounds of the Islamic population in the Middle East. And here, we are a 'patient nation' who can and will put up with torture forever!

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