Sunday, November 30, 2008

We want answers

It's over. 62 hours later the ordeal is over and we are literally picking up the pieces. After being struck again and again, and bouncing back like a 'jack-in-the-box' we refuse to be treated like morons. We want answers.
  • How did the terrorists get inside these hotels? They came to India by sea. But the sea is away from the interior of the hotel. So how did the enter to wreak havoc? One of the terrorists has blurted out that they had booked into the Taj to store their ammunition. What happened to security? An airport screens bags and passengers all the way to the passenger's shoes and belts. So where was the slip up in this case?
  • Who is responsible for this mess and what will the government do to bring these miscreants to book?
  • Can someone guarantee that the captured and convicted terrorists at least this time will be dealt with immediately and not kept indefinitely in prison thus preventing a future hostage situation ?
  • What will the government do to protect us from future attacks? At least this time?
  • What will be done for police reform? Will the government protect those who protect us fearlessly?
  • Is the government strong enough to take a tough stance without worrying about political implications?
  • What will the government do to make us feel secure in our own city / country?
  • Why do our intelligence sources always say 'I told you so'! Who is preventing the flow of information?

As citizens, we demand to know, and we demand to see action. We have waited 15 years and now we are hurt, shaken and possibly stirred.

And while everyone talks about two iconic hotels that form the basis of India's affluent, I guess at least we, since neither the government nor the media wish to think about the numbers killed at the CST station, should give those people a moment of remembrance. Those deaths matter most to those families, since the cost of a meal at Tier one hotels is the monthly income of those families. They have lost breadwinners, families, households. They are Mumbai's poor. And they were sacrificed in drones. But who cares! Marie Antoinette moment? Yes indeed. Dear politicians, you just lost 50 members of your precious vote bank. At least you should care.....



i completely agree with you.Your last line sums it up Perfectly.CST is the Focal Point of our Transport System and we need to spare thought for all the poor people who lost their lives there. i would also request you to please post this thought at where we are having a live blog on this issue.


Thanks a Ton for posting your thoughts at the site.Everyday a new Statement comes from the agencies putting a new twist to the story and covering up their shortcomings

Anonymous said...

Very pertinent and true thoughts. Especially, the tragedy at CST is given almost no coverage - especially their agonies getting the bodies of the dead ones for decent burial etc. TV Channanels cover only the rich at Taj and Oberoi. What about these people. Are they 2nd rate citizens in their own country. Media must be ashamed of this disgusting coverage and behaviour


Hariharan RV said...

We need ACTIONS this time, not happy with resignation, blame game etc.; we don’t need a PM who is just a YES MAN. We need TOUGH ACTIONS. Politicians should THINK BEYOND Religion in whipping out Terrorist. And, it’s pity that MEDIA covers extensively the events @ 5 Star Hotels and doesn’t care much about CST the life line of many. GOD BLESS INDIA.-- Hari