Sunday, November 02, 2008

What is with Gtalk tag lines???

Gtalk tag lines. They end up being a means to tell the world what's on your mind. Noble enough. So you say, " Ram Kapoor in Nigeria" - makes sense. You perhaps want to avoid phone calls while on international roaming. You say, " Ram Kapoor in USA" - makes sense too. You want to collate your shopping list soon enough. You say, " Changed job!" - granted. You try to avoid getting bashed up by friends who during the next meeting greet you with the standard, " KA&**^#, Bola Bhi Nahin", routine. You say, "I am asleep", as your status shows away or idle, which is normal for everyone on chat in a place called 'anything but India', where internet and electricity are perhaps cheaper than water... especially if your company foots the bill. Another use is to add your site or blog link, which is also understood. Of what use is writing something if you aren't going to get anyone to read it??? But what I don't understand are

tag lines like - "I love my girlfriend very very much" or "My hubby is the best cook in the world" or "My hubby picks me up and drops me at work every day" or "I can't wait to be Mrs. Dholakia".... Jeeeeeeeeez... Dudes and babes, I don't really think the world is remotely interested in knowing your romantic bent of mind. Then again, you have the tag lines like " Oh yes, Aarti, you were so right" Now I am not Aarti, I don't know Aarti, so what if she is right????? It's like saying "Raj, please call the grocer and order a litre of milk" on 20 hoardings on an Expressway!!!!

No matter what the motivations, the phenomenon never ceases to make me laugh. Now my tag line is going to be "I know Vidya for 2 years......"

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US said...

Mine... " I made Puri, Bhaji and Veg Pullav .. ;)"

What say ?