Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mission Accomplished - for the terrorists that is...

A terror plan with global ramifications was hatched. The idea was to target scores of innocent civilians on Indian soil, but in key foreign tourist hubs, so that the carnage could be two-pronged. Disrupt Mumbai, while hurting the world. A Canadian newspaper has quoted a Canadian national who was in the Taj during this attack, saying that the terrorists selectively picked on Americans or Brits as their targets. The article further said that the Canadian's belongings were thoroughly searched to verify the fact that he was indeed a Canadian, and was let go. An Israeli soft spot - Nariman house was another target. Such 'islamic - historically' sensitive choices accentuate the conspiracy theory that there is a bigger, global, more sinister hand in this whole turn of events.

But look at what this attack has done. 125 people dead, and over 325 injured. Traffic was terribly thin all day. Schools, colleges were closed. Mumbai University cancelled all papers that were scheduled for today. Very few offices were open. Factories undoubtedly remained closed. Tourists hastily packed up, taking the first flight out of Mumbai, giving the whole Konkan coast holiday the boot. The one day India - England series has been truncated. (I am sure Kevin Pieterson is heaving a huge sigh of relief, since he is being spared the ignominy of losing in such a terribly embarrassing manner). The stock exchanges are closed. The Indian coffers have just been deprived of crores of rupees as revenue. The wariness of the global community towards India is slowly rising. If geographical regions were to be demarcated based on internal security levels, can India soon be joining the ranks of the Middle East? Morbid! And most importantly, the situation is still tense, with no fresh reports of the terror coming to an end. A handful of terrorists have managed to hold this city to ransom.

So while the rescue and elimination mission is still underway, as far as the terrorists are concerned - it is mission accomplished.

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