Monday, April 20, 2009

All that I leave behind, Part - III

Being the strong caffeine addict that I am, and since I am in a mood to dedicate specific posts to the loves of my life under the banner 'All that you leave behind', it only made sense to put in a line or two on what I miss the most here - Coffee. And not the aira gaira types, only piping hot, aromatic filter coffee, whose smell alone is enough reason to live!

They say that you can take the Southie out of the coffee, but not the coffee out of the Southie. True, you have so many variants of the coffee, but ask any South Indian, and his favorite beverage is the dark brown, bubbling hot liquid. But the flip side is, that once used to the caffeine king, it is difficult to shake off the habit. I for one, am a little averse to change in that department, and it is an effort to stay awake on tea. Therefore the switch to milk-less, sugar-less dark black tea, that makes me twitch my face in a hideous manner by the time I take my last gulp. Why the torture, you ask me? Simply because I am used to no sugar in my coffee, and 'coffee ho toh filter coffee jaise, varna na ho'. And even in coffees, for me, stronger the better. So, Jamaican coffees, Ethiopian coffees, and of course the Turkish coffee are the all-time favorites, obviously sans milk, sans sugar. Thank God for CCD, that the eventual craving finally gets satiated. But even after an exotic coffee, I always have had to have the lingering taste of the home-brewed filter coffee in my mouth irrespective of the ordinality of the coffee in that day. And that is a taste no CCD, no Barista can find anywhere.

So when Yanni was playing The Marching Season (favorite song) in my room here, I remembered the one day when I had sat down with my usual mug (I even have special mugs for special moods) filled to the brim with piping hot filter coffee, reading Bourne, for the umpteenth time (my favorite book), while The Marching Season played out in the background, and though neither Bourne nor coffee are here with me right now, its the coffee I miss the most....

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