Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Diversity - the real deal

Speaking of uniqueness / diversity, I was talking to one of my old friends the other day, and she remarked with some considerable scorn that she was finding it tough finding a decent guy in the marriage market, just because she was not the stereotypical 'BE' types. I for one found it absolutely ridiculous. Though it may sound cliched, I admire diversity in all forms. Now that I really have a chance to interact with so many people from so many diverse backgrounds, I think it kinda adds perspective to your thought. So, while talking to, or working with people who have worked in media or advertising or were auditors, or journalists, one gets to learn a lot more, but more than that, I feel you get many more topics to talk about! So no more awkward moments the next time you meet a relatively unknown soul!!! Besides, being an engineer myself, I realize how grossly unromantic the profession is, let alone being massively adventure-deprived. So, when someone tells me about how they covet my four years of torture degree, I try telling them Bourne's classic statement, 'Don't make it out to be what it isn't'. I'd perhaps be willing to trade ages spent in front of a drab looking computer screen for a life covering war zones or reporting for NatGeo!

Still on the topic of diversity, one event deserves a mention here. Much earlier on, when the whole hoohaa about sections and section points was on, and people were sweating it out (literally), in the hot sun, on squash courts, in tennis courts (playing cricket nevertheless), I wondered, perhaps with a little despair back then, why we were not really amassing the points up there. Clearly we don't lack talent, and clearly we are a rather smart lot. But then after tonight, I realized, 'Each one for themselves'. We had a rocking time together as a team, at our first outing together, talking, learning each others' names for the zillionth time, enjoying it all nonetheless. So what if we don't cheer as loud? So what if our posters don't look like a Mark Rothko? As long as one is happy and satisfied with whatever one is doing, and is happy with the way stuff happens, I guess its safe to say, 'Baaki sab gaye tel lene'. So our team rocks, and cheers to many many more such fundoo sessions, and may we all be one for a long long time to come!

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