Friday, April 24, 2009


The sleepless nights continue, as though forewarning me about the onerous months ahead. Try as I might, by telling myself that I am running on 16 hrs of sleep over the past 5 days, the eyes don't get droopy, save for the times when I am out in the sweltering heat, with no sign of a breeze, or when I am trying my best to learn random stuff like random variables and their probability distributions! Yeah, look at the randomness (if I may coin such a random usage) of the whole thing. A random variable, and we need to try to find out how probable it would be to try and find this random entity. Like, why didn't statisticians do anything better with their lives?????? I remember a friend of mine who went to major in math and stats a few years ago, remarked to me, that Alfred Nobel's (Nobel Prize wala guy ) daughter ran away with a mathematician and so, there is no Nobel Prize for math, only a Fields' medal (Perhaps Miss Nobel ran away with Mr. Fields) - No offence intended anywhere.

But the fact remains that we as the current generation, and I take the liberty of talking for all of us, that we dislike certain historical entities for highly legitimate reasons. A few years ago, as we struggled with double and triple integrals, not to mention the whole course of engineering as it is, the target of our dislike (that bordered on murderous detestation) was Ol' Man Newton! Yeah, so the apple fell on his head. He and perhaps the whole world might have been happy had he just picked it up and eaten it, without wondering anything! On hindsight, perhaps the world (world of aghast, forlorn, frustrated, depressed, disappointed engineers) would have been so very very happy had he sat under a coconut tree!!!! At present, the target of our negative emotions (at least mine), happens to be the fraternity of statisticians. They do highly credible work, no doubt. They are the smartest bunch in the world, granted. But spare me the onslaught of random gyaan! Like probability of random variables or perhaps a density function of the normal distribution of probabilities of random variables. Look at the English. Does it make any sense at all??????? No, to me, it doesn't. And I doubt whether it ever will.

That said, it just struck me that while I try fighting insomnia that hits me for whatever reason, perhaps the probability of me falling asleep as I sit down with a random textbook that deals with the normal distribution of abnormal persons like me in this highly standardized world, where the standard deviation of the characteristics of the members of the world population (or should that have been census) from those of the mean human being does not exceed 0.2, ranges between 0.9786 and 0.9899. Good night guys!

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