Monday, April 27, 2009

Of inane displays of ishmartness

The word is arbit. Short for arbitrary. Unfortunately, the term is the shortest part of the phenomenon. Beginning from multi-dimensional displays of a holistic model to basic bassssssssssssic fundamental doubts, the arbit is a show stealer. Its as if old man Kotler got his funde wrong, when he chose to omit a number of pearls of gyaan from his texts and our very own Kotlas and Kotlis were here to dispel the myth that surrounds the surreal world of MAAR KE TING! Honestly, that's what happened to me each time I heard a piece of arbit CP maaroed at the class. A slap on the head that woke me from my reverie, leaving me with a weird tinnnnnnng sound in my head, that sounded more like - whaaa???? where did that come from.

Arbit CP is a given, and we honestly need to thank our fundebaaz arbit CP kings and queens for keeping the 'Spark' alive in class. SMSes zip by - 'Yaar usko mooh bandh karne bol na'. Or 'Consensus - we dunk her into the pool tonight Yes or No'. Plus, we could stay awake, in an afternoon class (hell I haven't had an afternoon class in 5 years!) not in anticipation of the supremely fundoo idea / strategy that was coming our way, but expecting a new funda that we could quote to our great grand children when quizzed what we learnt in business school in our 'zamaana'. Well, I learnt that a 3 D model implies the use of 3 variables and that it is impossible to show more than 3 dimensions on a plane sheet of paper!!!! Wow! key learning indeed! Additionally, post the sessions discussing segmentation, targeting, price points blah blah blah, we have unending discussions discussing faaltooest ACP of the day! In the midst of an incessant deluge of mails that talk of stuff from fighting to running to marketing to consulting (although, given our economy, marketing and consulting would be forced to use skills learnt under fighting and running anyway), the bit on crowning the ACP stud of the day seems truly welcome! Great show Vijeth. Even better are the arguments that follow nominations, clarifying why a nomination is not a nomination of an arbit CP, but rather an expression of uh huh hold your breath - DIVERSITY!!!!!!!

That said, I really want to go hit the sack now. I can't wait for tomorrow, to see what kinds of Random Gyaan can come up when we discuss random variables, probabilities, normal distribution, regression and so on. Given that one of our batchmates has already dropped an atom bomb of wisdom -
Prof: What was regression first used for when it was formulated in the year 18XX?
Student 1: To study relationship between cause and effect… (this was after prof asked the student to be “more specific”)
Student 2: Was it to do something with the East India Company !!! ;)

I think tomorrow is SHOWTIME FOLKS!!!!! Watch this space for more arbit gyaan!!! Uh well, no points for appearing here anyway!


Anonymous said...


Sindhu Subramaniam said...

A jilted ACP speaks :)

Anonymous said...

Why do we all think we're the only smart ones around...Tch tch!

Jasnoor said...

Like I said, Decent :P

Sindhu Subramaniam said...

We think we are the smart ones - Nah, just that we grabbed the joke maarofying pen faster than anyone else did. As for Jasnoor - Shooo. :)

Anonymous said...

Why don't u rank the best ACPs for the day?

Vinit Garg said...

Haaa ! The ACP and DCP storm has taken the ISB Blogsphere and Mail spam in new directions !!!