Sunday, May 16, 2010


The Monaco Grand Prix just got done. Of all the F1 races, I somehow don't like the one at Monaco. Simply because there is no action in there. He who wins pole wins race. Period! The records and statistics are testimony enough. It is a street racing track, with ABSOLUTELY 0 overtaking opportunities. Back when refuelling was allowed on track, at least there were some bleak chances of overtaking action. But even there, the pole-sitter would typically build up enough of a gap between himself and the second guy before diving into the pits.

And as expected today, Webber was on pole and Webber won! Pooh! Well, my sentiments used to be the same even when Schumi used to win back in the heydays! And sometimes, when I see the Monaco GP, I kinda realize the boredom non-Schumi fans used to feel between 2000 to 2005 when almost all races and definitely all championships would be won by Michael. BO-O-O-RING. But somehow, the tortuous track, the uphill and downhill nature of the track itself, all contribute to several drivers and some fans liking it. Add to it the fact that it is quite a picturesque track, with hills on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other. With the uber riche enjoying the race from their personal yachts on the sea. It is a different experience compared to say a Bahrain or a Montreal GP, for sure.

No post is complete without mention of THE MAN. Last time at Spain, Michael came a cute fourth. I still pine for the day when I'll see him on the top step, or at least on the podium this season. And I keep the faith that that will happen one day. Nevertheless, last time Michael got Nico's car and he proved that he still has it in him to perform. This time, Michael was outqualified by Nico, but he turned the tide in the race. No great shakes, for sure. But Michael provided that itsy bitsy dash of entertainment, by overtaking Alonso at the last corner, just as the Safety car pulled in on the last lap, lap 79. I guess it was the only overtaking manoeuvre in the whole race, and perhaps the only one ever! I am not sure. The move is being investigated, but it still was good to see him making up a place. Although Alonso had a dream race too, rushing from the pits. But no sympathies there for having lost a place. All said and done, Alonso had the penalty for having crashed his car prior to qualifying, right? Nonetheless, it was a boring race with half a dozen crashes, retirements, which also were responsible for catapulting Alonso to sixth.

Now, let's see what Istanbul has in store in two weeks.

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