Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Of World Champions and attitudes.

The unassuming champion has prevailed. For the fourth time! Vishwanathan Anand, one of India's and Chess' favorite icons has won again. It is amazing how this guy has managed to shine for so long and stay at the top for so long as well. I remember back in the past, his opponents kept changing, but he remained. Gary Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov, the names came and went. Some returned. But only Vishy Anand prevailed. This time against Veselin Topalov.

And as usual I got to thinking. Here is India's unsung hero, who quietly goes about his job, one that he loves doing, one that perhaps needs more mind than all other sports put together, wins and remains at the top - forever. I can't remember a time in India where Vishwanathan Anand's victories didn't make the newspapers! Then we have a Sachin Tendulkar, who has been in form for a greater part of 20 years. He's been doing his job, which again incidentally is something he loves doing and has been collecting the accolades, the records and the victories. First man to get 200 runs in an ODI. Maximum run getter at the IPL. And still going strong. We might have seen more o him had it not been for India's early exit at the T20 World Cup.

Then again we have a Michael Schumacher (Yeah I know. My post has to have a mention of THE MAN!) He went about doing what he loved best and the awards, victories, titles, championships and of course the money came along. This time at Spain Schumi was fourth - it is at least a start, and a commendable achievement for someone who's come back to a new form of F1 four years after he bid adieu, to a sport where rules, cars, teams and team mates have all changed. And yet the spirit survives.

So in effect, the true champion, I guess is one who prevails the longest. The one who endures, against all odds and all pretenders. And that is the true test of a champion. For me now, all eyes are on Rafael Nadal who faced a slump all of last year, only to come back very very strong this year at Rome. What Roland Garros has in store - I sure want to watch. But till then, I guess it is time for us to just soak in history.

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