Friday, May 28, 2010

A visit to Golconda Fort

Flirting with Photography on Friday

A few months ago, a few friends and I went to take a look at a historical site in sights starved Hyderabad. The place - Golconda Fort, a 15th century fort in Hyderabad. And given the trigger-happy person I am, (only in the photography department), the place was not at all a let down. The pictures were plenty, and the memories humongous!

It was an impromptu plan, camera batteries were not charged, and here is the outcome through a tiny lens and a cell phone camera. As my good friend and in my opinion one of the best photographers I have come across SSP would say - 'you don't need an awesome cam to take good pics'.
But here are some pictures - each special for the view, the hue, the characters, the everything...

Here, I loved the juxtaposition of the ruins and the sprawl of a new city in the background.
This is the minaret of a mosque at the top of the fort.
The people, the city, and the ruins.
Juxtaposition again.
How those boulders managed to stay there is a mystery. Newton, maybe you can help?

The secret window????

Once upon a time, the corridors of power...

An evening well spent....

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