Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Cheers to K* friends ;)

The soft salty air of this city, the gentle lapping of the waves against the wave breakers, the strong sea breezes that leave a warm feel on your skin in spite of the comparative coolness around, the lovely driveway along so many kilometers of the Arabian Sea – part of the collective memory I will always hold about my city. And yesterday, an extra aspect got added to my seaside memory.

The fun of meeting old friends on the Katta by the sea side is a pleasure in itself. It almost feels like the warm-cool breezes try to etch the moments in your mind! And here, I must scream to the world that I am indeed humbled to have four K* (secret code word) friends who came all the way just to say hi and celebrate a moment.

Let me describe the full force of this meeting. Imagine a V. One of my K* friends lives in one corner of the V and works in another. Yet she came to a place at the center of the V. Two friends live in one corner of the V and work just 5 kilometers away. Yet they came to a place at the center of the V. Another, doesn’t stay in the V. He was here on vacation from another city. He stays at a point nowhere on the two prongs of the V. Yet he came to a place at the center of the V. I stay and work very close to the center of the V.

The banter, the talks on my ‘wonderful’ driving skills (I know to drive, so what if I say Yeh and Woh for left and right… if you don’t see me when I give wrong directions, its your fault), the talks of what Teepoo did to deserve the Shaque ki nigaahen of her household, and all such absolute nonsense are something I will remember word for word. But what touched me the most was the ‘cheers to Sindhu’s moment’ with 4 cans of Pepsi clanging against one another with feet dangling off the Worli Sea Face Katta. All I say is… Cheers to friendship – May we always stay the same… (Rohit and Davara, maybe you both could improve a bit…

P.S. I am not writing this out a sense of gratitude. I am writing this because the two crappy blokes made fun of my blog and jeered that I would post on our meet yesterday. SO THERE!!!! J

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