Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Green at the time of Global Warming....

Oh yeah! Global warming is a reality! News and the works go on and on about melting glaciers, polar fissures and so on. Sea levels are rising, and just the other day, there was a mention about tremendous water levels in Venice!!!!!

Can't blame anybody! The heat is everywhere. Global economic meltdown, Terrorism, explosions, violence, anger! The effect has to find an expression somewhere. And so the environment is taking the hit, I mean heat!

Emphasis is moving to greener energy and ecological conservation. One analyst had remarked that reformed banking and manufacturing as also sops for internal investment helped the west tide over the Great Depression. Innovation, and new ideas helped break the gloom loop. And now, in this molten economy, the analyst noted, the world looks to the West for innovation, for something new to tag on to. And the answer may lie in the 'Green Revolution' of a new kind.

Obama spoke of revolutionizing government buildings the other day and making them more energy efficient, more green. And now, British Airways has a section at the bottom of the booking page - Offset the carbon emissions for these flights
You can help minimise the impact of your flying by offsetting your carbon emissions. The total carbon emissions from your itinerary are X tonnes and the cost of offsetting your emissions is Y.
Your money will go towards UN certified emission reduction projects.
* Please be aware that once your carbon offset contribution is paid, it cannot be refunded.

Go Green???? Indeed!!

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