Sunday, December 21, 2008

How about a summary???

Freak thought - How about a summary of sorts? 'This week in the world' and 'This week on the lilac avenue' ?

Yet another adhoc resolution. But let me see how well I can keep the resolution. So here goes....

Well, a lot less happens on the Lilac Avenue than happens in the world. So Lilac Avenue, goes first.

A reflective Monday - where I spoke about how an imminent change can put things in an all new perspective under MOODY MONDAY, here

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And then, the relevance and importance of first aid, in a rather dramatic post titled ' It always is personal'.

On My workplace blog - Camaraderie at work.... here.

And now, THE WORLD...
India's Parvathy Omanakuttan came first runner up to Russia's Ksenia Sukhinova in a rather lackluster performance! In a gnarled stumbling wrong answer to a question ' describe your adventures around Joburg', our desi hadddd to quote Gandhiji, for God knows what reason! With such a start, the week must be fun!!

INDIA WON AN ALMOST - LOST CRICKET TEST!!! Historic, momentous, crucial, since India needed a shot in the arm, post the recent terror attacks.

Bush was in Iraq, and a journo threw his shoes at him. Oh yeah, not one, but both shoes. Thereafter, an Egyptian man offered him his daughter in marriage, and the woman was agreeable. There were murmurs of him having broken multiple bones, rumors of him asking for a pardon and what not. Eventually - it ended up being what it was supposed to be - a media circus!

Bernard Madoff was accused of a $50 Billion fraud. He was apparently apprehended before, and then let off. In what looks like a Firangi version of our own Harshad Mehta, he smoothly sauntered away with the said amount and he is being held under part-time house arrest or some such thing! It's like the timing is laudable, given that when the whole world is reeling under economic strife, there comes news of yet another - scam!!

Bailout galore - American auto industry - No one paid heed when Japan ventured into the fuel-efficient small car segment. They were instead pooh poohed! America held on to the juggernauts that could be driven at efficiencies like 2 kilometers to a litre and so on! Innovation in American automobiles? Was unheard of - still is! As the gas prices and pink slips soared, people threw away any plans of buying a car. Wham! The industry needed to be rescued from implosion. Canada stepped in as well to rescue, since most American car manufacturers have plants around Ontario. American Auto industry implosion means - Pink slips in Canada. Dole and what not! RESCUE!!!!!

Ah and now the world's favorite topic - terror and ping pong Pakistan. Civilian government said JeM chief was under house arrest. Foreign minister said yes, house arrest. Then later he said, nope! At large. Some alleged key leaders of LeT were let off one day, and when pressure mounted on the Pakis to reign in the miscreants, a finger was pointed at India's violation of their airspace!!! When Zardari, when addressing a press conference with Prime Minister Brown had said that the alleged intrusion was a technical one, while an Indian plane took a turn near the India-Pak border. What will happen tomorrow? I DON'T KNOW, and I guess neither does God!

India passed the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, almost unanimously, but not before Minister for Minority affairs attempted to scar the delicate fabric of inter-religious ties by suggesting a weird conspiracy theory. The NIA has been commissioned.

The Taj and the Trident opened their doors to guests today (21st December) for the first time after the terror attacks.

Theoneste Bagosora was sentenced to life in prison for the Rwandan Genocide.

That's it guys. I may have missed some events, but I am still learning... Cheers, and see you tomorrow!

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