Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009.....

Whenever no one has anything else to say about a situation, all they say is, "every event is a learning experience" and leave the lessons to be learnt for self study. Well, this year has been tumultuous, no doubt, as described in a few steps in the previous post. And I for one, have certainly learnt a few things this year.

First - too much of freedom, too bad for health. Look what happened to the future of i-banking. The highly egoistic, snobbish high power group of individuals who inhabited the penthouses of Manhattan (only to sleep) while occupying top floor offices at Wall Street, (Napean Sea Road, and Dalal Street, closer home), suddenly seem to be shrinking into self made holes. Heretofore proud of their occupation, to the extent of wanting to display i-banking as their profession, at any available place, even if they were involved in simply documenting deals, nowadays, many wish to try to stay as far away from the i word as possible. What a huge 180 degree turn, thanks to a free hand given by government to profit makers. We pushed capitalism too far, to the extent of excess greed. The result - a complete collapse of the i-banking world order. Total economic chaos. Some level of control in the form of laws and limits set by the government is very very much essential.

Second - The power of democracy is extremely fulfilling. To see a state that has traditionally been suppressed by terrorism go all out and vote for a government is exhilarating to say the least.

Third - Terrorism is terrible. I mean I knew it. But unless one sees it from so close, one cannot truly understand the pain the terrorists inflict. And clearly, no religion wants to inflict pain on innocent people.

Fourth - There is no end to dreams. And like SRK has said, "Agar kisi cheez ko dill se chaho toh poori kaayanaat tumhein usse milaane mein lag jaati hai." Case in point - Obama, India's Olympic gold, Nadal winning French Open, Wimbledon and an Olympic gold.

Hope springs eternal everyone. Cheers and hoping for a wonderful year ahead......

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